Traveling around Cuba by bicycle is truly a colorful adventure.

Tropical climate all year-round routes through mountains, lakes and vast plains, the sea by your side and the discovery of villages frozen in time, all these elements make this type of holiday an extraordinary journey. You mix with the Cubans, ride bicycles accompanied by laughter, good music, tobacco, rum, or coffee. This trip can be done by a conventional or an electric bicycle, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is the end, not the means. Las Terrazas, Soroa, Viñales, Topes de Collantes, and Cienaga de Zapata are destinations chosen for their majestic nature, while Havana, (starting point) Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Santa Clara will be cities that will impress you with their history.

from € 2.470

An extraordinary tour in Cuba by bike for nature lovers and especially for those who love to cycle. You will be able to discover Cuba by bicycle, a different way of visiting Cuba.

15 Days

Hotel 3 stelle


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