Baracoa – cuba’s oldest city

The oldest city where the remains of the last indigenous indio of Cuba are preserved at the Museo Municipa de Baracoa, the location of this city was a merti but at the same time a  bad luck

Located on the extreme oriental tip of Cuba, it was the first land touched by the spanish conquistadors in 1511. The fact of being the first land touched and conquered also meant being there to be attacked by the conquerors with the consequencesthat this primacy entails   

Still today its isolated position compared to the rest of the island, has allowed it to keep its colonial charm intact more than other cities, with buildings almost entirely in wood and this unspoiled nature that surrounds it.

The only way to reach Baracoa is by car along the Carrettera de la Farola, a spectalucar mountain’s way fronm Santiago de Cuba that will offer you  fantastic panoramas and spectacular landscapes, including the high peaks dominated by pine forests.

For this reason the merit of Baracoa lies in the fact that you will not found many tourist here, if not real travelers in search of the authentic Cuba

In particular there are two excursions that we recommend you to do: the first is to the El Yunque Nature Reserve. After a beautiful and simple trek through the tropical forest you reach the flat top of the mountain, hence the name yunque, which in Spanish means anvil. Take the time to enjoy and admire the landscape you will continue towards Duaba Falls where you can take a refreshing bath before returning to the city

The second excursion we recommend is to the Ajeandro Humboldt Natural Parc, Human Heritage World from the 2001. When arrived at the Park start a trekking of 3kilometers followin the forest path El Recreo. During the trek you caoul discoer the different local fauna and flora until a point view from where see the suggestive forest palms trees, mayari pines and orchids

Along this promenade between tropical vegetaton will arrive at the Recreo River and then at Maguana Beach , in each one it’s possible to take a fresh and amousement bath or relax before come back to Baracoa

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