Camaguey – the heart of central cuba

The city of Camaguey, in the heart of central Cuba, boasts a raft of beautiful historic buildings at every turn. Camagüey was one of the 7 original Spanish settlements in Cuba, founded in 1514.

The city was a pirate magnet; it was so besieged by buccaneers, the city moved twice in the 1500s from its original locations (near Nuevitas on the north coast and along the Caonao River), until finding a permanent home at its current site. To this day, navigating the oldest parts of Camaguey can be a challenge, as the city’s mazy street plan with only one exit, was designed intentionally to discourage pirates like Henry Morgan who invaded the city periodically. Getting lost in the winding streets here is like a traveler’s rite of passage and a great way to get in touch with Cuban daily life. 

The historic center of Camaguey has been declared a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site in 2008.

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