Cuba is one of the most safety place to travel. For this reason you can choose to travel along the Island doing a free camping

Anyway we give information on some specific and equipped areas where you can stay with your camper by finding services as drinking water, eletricity, waste disposal and other services

The areas are well indicated, circumscribedLe and supervised by specialized security agents . Only two areas are out of resorts: Hoyo de Mena a Pinar del Rio and Parque Josone a Varadero. All the others camping areas are inside of resort property

Guest could utilise the Hotel’s facilities as a normal guest of the Hotel (swimming pool, gym, animation activities, showsand every kind of service that the resort offer to the guest. Guest have to pay for motorized actvities and for food and beveraga. The payment of theese services will done directly at the Resort

The price to stay in theese parking areas is 30,00€ per night per vehicle

At the pick up of the vehicle we offer the possibility to buy a carnet to stay in all the parking areas. The payment will be done at the check out basing on the nights spent in the parking areas

P.N. the overnight outside of the camper parking areas is not covered by oout insurance, incase of theft or damage guest has to know that we are not responsable for the amount

Camper parking areas map

Villa María la Gorda, Pinar del Río

Maria La Gorda, declared “Biosferic Reserve” from Unesco in 1987, offer to visitors an international diving centre in one of the most spectalur marine paradise for divers

You can be sure to be in the most spectacular place for divers in Cuba

Even for the no-divers Maria La Gorda represnt the perfect place for who are looking for a incontaminate nature and a wonderful sea. Here live five species of turtle ( dermochelid, leathery,  caretta, the green turtle and the marine turtle) who every year nest on the Park’s beaches between august and november. In the same period it’s possible see the whale shark

The Resort wich offer the equipment is directly on the beach. Lots of boat point, buffet and restaurants, snack bar, day and night activities in addition to lesson and excursion for divers and snorkeling

Vega de Tabaco “Hoya de Mena”, Pinar del Río

The pictoresque tobac plantantion called “Hoyo de Mena” – wher the owner lives with his family s the perfect place to feel the most authentic and autocton cuban tradition, in the heart of the tobacco’s plantation. There are two type of excursions to visit and know this particular area: horse ride or boat trip. On the first option you can ride your quiet horse across the natural landscape to reach one of the tobac farm where you can see how the tobacco leaves are dried and the processed to create the famous and faboulos Cuban cigar

The second option will brig you along the natural river to appreciate the natural beauty of this area

Hoyo de Mena is located in San Juan y Martinez, 60 km from Viñales.

Hotel La Ermita, Viñales

La Ermita Hotel, on the top of the higher view point of Vinales, offer to his guest restaurant a la carte and buffet, swimming pool, coffee-bar,snack bar, WI-FI, Tennis coourt, daily and nighty activities

From Vinales you can reach some still natural little island: Cayo Lavisa and Cayo Jutias

If you are nature’s lovers you can’t loose the opportunities to visit La Cueva del Indio.

It’s a beatiful place visitable browsing by boat, about 10 minutes, the river that flows inside the cave.

Villa Soroa, Artemisa

Villa Soroa Hotel is located into the Sierra del Rosario (Biosfera Reserve), at the gate of Soroa city.

Hotel offers a buffet restaurant, a bar, a coffee-bar and a swimming pool.

The Hotel is just  few meters from the biggest Orchid Garden in Cuba and from the Castillo de las Nubes, where you can admire an extraordinary landscape. The Hotel’s staff organise some  interesting excursion and activities as horse ride, tour to the 20th century french plantations, the Bayate river, and the rural community of  El Brujito-La Comadre, absolute the best place to have birdwatching

Marina Hemingway, La Habana


In the west part of Havana City, Marina Hemingway is the most important cuban turistic port

A canal series where could find accomodation little and big yacht, the place offer two Hotels with swimming pool, sportif areas, Wi-Fi, security service 24hr, a little market, an international diving, a bowling court, a Cigar shop Casa del Habano, farmacy, restaurant a la carte, coffee*bar and disco

It’s the perfect place to spend the night in the camper parking area in Havana and enjoy the sunrise in the best possible maritime environment

Villa Trópico, Jibacoa

One hour from Havana and Varadero, Villa Trópico Hotel offer bar, restaurant, coffee-bar, swimming pool and direct access to the beach. Here it’s possible organise some wonderful diving adn snorkelin on the splendid coral reef situated at 50mt from the beach. On the beach it’s possible rent catamaran and kayak. A true paradise for the nature and relax’s lovers

Parque Josone, Varadero

Josone Park is a green area in the south of the Varadero’s peninsula of 22 acres

It’s a perfect place to relax and enjoy the landscape of tropical vegetation,

Just few minutes walk from the best and famous Varadero’s beaches, Josone Park it’s the perfect place where to spent your time with family, friend or partner. There are four restaurants, one bar and a lake for nautical activities. For wich one are looking for some place to hear music and dance, the Beatles Bar is very close to Josone Park and it’s a very good place to go.

For the childs the Todo en Uno is an amousement park where can play with roller coaster, bowling and rides for childreen and it’s located a few minutes walk from the Josone Park

Villa Playa Larga, Ciénaga de Zapata

Situated in one of the most important point for the Cuban history, the Bay of Pigs, this localityoffers some interesting places tohave birdwatching in Cuba.

It’s a perefct place for family with child and for sport fishing. For divers here you can find an International Center for Diving and Snorkeling to admire the seabed

Villa Playa Larga Hotel offers a buffet restaurant, coffee bar, snack bar, daily and nightly animatoin activities, swimming pool, tennis court, private beach where you can rent catamaran, sea bike, canoa and kayak.

Villa Guajimico, Cienfuegos

Between Cienfuegos and Trinidad, in one of the most hidden areas of the region, the Villa Guajimico keep all its splendor.

Surrounded by mountains and caves, with a diving center, a small beach where you can spend a pleasant stay in peace and tranquility, this Villa offers a unique refuge to its visitors.

Hotel Costa Sur, Ancón

The Costa Sur Hotel located directly on Maria Aguilar’s beach in Playa Ancon, just 11km far from Trinidad it’s a  very interesting solutions to appreciate the historical, and unique Trinidad’s centre town ( Unesco Human Heritage ) without renounce to relax on the beach or do interesting excursion to the sea to discover come prehistorical animals as the iguanas , who lives in absolut freedom in the island of Cayo Macho or to do snorkeling in front of the island of Cayo Blanco

At the night Trinidad will attend and offer different option how to spent your night: disco, live concert, and dance under the star on the stairs of Music’s Home near the Cathedral

The Hotel offers a buffet restaurant, a coffee shop, a bar, tennis court, swimming pool and Wi-Fi connection

Hotel Las Cuevas, Trinidad

The Las Cuevas Hotel is on the top of an hill just 500meter from Trinidad’s centre

Perfect localtion for who want stay in the historical town of trinidad (Human’s World Heritage) with the opportunities to reach the near Playa Ancon’s beach to relax on his beach or do some interesetengi sea’s excursion

The name of the Hotel is done cause a series of natural cave (cuevas) that make this Hotel unique.

From his gardens you can enjoy with a spectalur landscape from Trinidad to Playa Ancon

The Hotel offers: restaurant, coffee shop, snack bar, swimming pool, Wi-Fi connection, tennis court, daily and ninghtly annimation and one of the most important and spectalur disco in Trinidad

Villa Caburní, Tope de Collantes

Villa Caburní is part of the recreation natural area called “Topes de Collantes”

This area, located on the Guamuhaya mountain massif, 20 km from Trinidad, 800 meters Over sea level, it’s an excellent destination for the trekkers. In addition of the restaurant, the Hotel offers a professional excursion office to dicover the surrounding falls and forest


Villa Los Caneyes, Santa Clara

This quiet Villa, near Santa Clara town rapresent an ancient indios village, with a lots of sculpture statue of aborigines and animals i

The Villa offers to his guest alla necessary services to spent a pleasant stay, from the wimming pool to a restaurant a la carte

Hotel Colonial, Cayo Coco

In Cayo Coco, for a lot of people one of the most beautiful Cuban beach, this resort got a very spectalur position with a perfect point view over the wonderful sea, natural lagoon and spectalur beach

Here you can enjoy with different sea activities or do some interesting excursion like Cayo Guillermo, a paradisiac little island near Cayo Coco

The resort offer a lot of restaurant, bar and grill, a souvenir shop, Wi Fi connection , tobac shop and hairdresser

Colonial Hotel is an All inclusive resort ,for this reason the camper parking areaìs guest have to pay an entrance fee to utilise all services offered (including food and beverage)


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