Cuban cuisine. Flavors of the island

Cuba is a land of blends in all human activities, like in all the Caribbean. Cuban cuisine is an example of a syncretic process; a mix of Aboriginal, Spanish, European, African, and Asian culinary cultures. Every immigrant who came to Cuba, forced or in search of new horizons, brought his gastronomic customs that made Cuban cuisine a synthesis of many flavors and eating habits. Like every country, there are typically traditional and regional foods, but in essence, our cuisine is international and hybrid. When a traveler asks what the typical Cuban food is, the citizen usually says “fried pork with white rice and black beans”, but there are so many, like for example “Roba Vieja”, “the ajiaco”, but the secret of their goodness lies mainly in the mixture of condiments that here they call “Cuban condiment”.

It is the Cuban way of seasoning foods when cooking them, using sour orange juice, cumin, oregano, and lots of garlic and onion. In Cuba, in every region, there are many famous restaurants and today the famous “Paladares”, which are restaurants of private Cuban owners, family-run companies that have diversified the gastronomy of the island, have contributed to the rescue of Cuban and international cuisine with great creativity: “Strawberries and chocolate”, “San Cristóbal” and “Doña Eutimia” are Cuban paladares where the best of Cuban cuisine is shown.

Among other restaurants, the internationally recognized “La Bodeguita del Medio”, “Floridita” and “El Aljibe” deserve a visit.

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