Playa Larga – bay of pigs

Playa Larga is a pleasant coastal town. The town is known more for its proximity to the Bay of Pigs, to which a museum is dedicated in the nearby Playa Giron (where it is told what happened during the failed landing of the US troops), rather than for the beauties that make it a true paradise for outdoor lovers. We are on the southern coast of Cuba, on the Zapata Peninsula. Here you will find the Cienaga de Zapata National Park, a protected area and one of the most important wetlands of Cuba, a true “mirror” of the Florida Everglades and like them formed by swampy areas and mangrove forests that host a unique and variegata: crocodiles and other indigenous reptiles, nonce mamifera such as the rodent jutia pigmy counterbalance the numerous species of birds that attract numerous birdwatchers Another attraction of the peninsula is undoubtedly the beauty of the seabed that offers exciting excursions to divers, including the Cueva de los Peces cenote, 70 meters deep. Those who love snorkeling along the coast will find beautiful spots where they can paraticare

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