Delivery and collection points of the rental cars in Cuba

Delivery and collection points: The pick-up and drop-off of the vehicles can be done at any salespoint among those established. Usually made at the same point, but if the customer prefers to return the vehicle to another address, an additional cost needs to be paid locally.

Travel safely in Cuba

Traveling safely: The insurance covers fires, lightning, and transport, total and partial theft, partial, collision and overturning, full coverage, natural disasters, and civil liability, extending the civil liability coverage to the additional driver declared in the contract (provided that the driver is not responsible). If the customer uses the insurance payment, he will also pay the amount reflected by the vehicle category as a guarantee. If the customer does not accept the insurance payment, he must deposit 600.00 USD as a guarantee. In both cases, if the customer does not incur additional costs to those agreed, the total amount of the guarantee will be refunded.

Both the insurance payment and the security deposit are made on the spot in local currency (USD).

Additional driver for the duration of the rental in Cuba

The additional driver fee is USD 10 per rental and additional driver.

Additional drivers must have the same requirements as the main driver and must be present when collecting the car and sign the contract.

Minimum age for renting vehicles in Cuba

The minimum age of drivers is 20 years old.
There is no maximum age limit (Subject to the expiry date of the license and the requirements of the license)

Payments in Cuba

Accepted forms of payment: Cash, Mastercard credit card, Visa credit card, Debit cards.
Unacceptable forms of payment: American Express Credit Card, American Express Debit Cards, Cards issued by a US bank.
IMPORTANT: If you leave the deposit with a card (credit or debit), there is an additional charge, NOT REFUNDABLE, of 7% of the total amount of the deposit.

Local taxes are included in the costs.

Necessary documentation

At the start of the rental, both the main driver and additional drivers must present an original and valid identity document (passport and/or identity card) in addition to the driving license. Photocopies are not accepted.
The driving license must be written in legible Latin characters.
An international driving license (IDP) is required in case the driving license is written in different characters than those of the country of rental.

IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of the drivers to ensure that they have the appropriate documentation. Please check with the embassy or consulate in advance.

A credit card is required in the name of the main driver, with sufficient balance both for the security deposit and for the relative amounts of the extra services requested on site. The credit card must be physical (not virtual), show the full name and surname of the reservation holder, and 16 numbers in relief. The PIN code will also be required.

If the customer does not present all the required documentation, if the documentation in possession is not valid or you do not have the sufficient amount to reserve on your credit card, the rental company reserves the right not to deliver the vehicle and not to refund the cost of the rental.

License requirements

The driving license must have been issued for at least 2 years.

Warranty deposit information

The minimum deposit that the customer must leave as a guarantee is: 250.00 USD for all categories

Deductible amount

The amount of collision and theft compensation is USD 250.00 for all categories

Driving restrictions

The general restrictions are
Driving the vehicle without prior consent outside the rental country will invalidate the agreed insurance coverage.

International cross border / one way
It is not allowed to bring the car outside the country where it was originally rented.

National one way
ONE WAY national: Please contact our Call Center for information on the relative conditions. The availability and price of the service will be confirmed only after the booking is completed and after receiving the confirmation from the supplier.

Travel on ferries
The car can only be transported on a ferry if previously authorized by the supplier. Authorization must be requested at the time of booking.

Grace period for rental

The supplier establishes a grace period of 60 minutes from the time indicated in the booking.
If the car is not returned at the agreed time, including the grace period, a penalty will be applied.

Mileage of the rental

The allowed mileage is unlimited.

Extras available for car rental in Cuba

Extras available: child seat (up to 18 kg) and GPS.
These extras are free but must be requested in advance

Hotel rental and delivery service available in Cuba

Delivery and collection are available but must be requested in advance. Local expenses are:
AIRPORT: USD 25 (one way) HOTEL: USD 15 (one way)

Pick up and drop off of the rental car outside opening hours

Overtime service is available. Overtime service is on request only and may not be available in all locations. Furthermore, there may be extra costs, such as airport taxes.

Cancellations / no shows

No penalty up to 15 days before the car pick-up.
The cancellation penalty is 50% of the total rental amount if the reservation is canceled between 14 and 8 days before the car pick-up.
The cancellation penalty is 75% of the total rental amount if the reservation is canceled between 7 and 4 days before the car pick-up.
The cancellation penalty is 100% of the total rental amount if the reservation is canceled 3 days or less before the collection.
IMPORTANT: The reservation will be considered as “No Show” even in cases where the customer has presented himself and, the supplier has not released the car for reasons attributable to the customer himself, such as: not being able to present a credit card in his name or not having sufficient balance in the same, not being able to present a valid identity document such as passport or identity card, not being able to present a valid and legible driving license and/or not in the possession of a valid driving license for the minimum time required, not having the minimum age required to rent the car, disagree with the terms and conditions of the renter, etc.
In all these cases listed above, the cancellation will be considered after the rental start time and therefore the “No show” penalties will be applied as provided by the renter

If the customer withdraws the car late or returns it earlier than the scheduled date indicated on the Voucher, the unused rental days will not be refunded

Roadside assistance from the supplier

In the event of a breakdown, the customer must stay with the car and contact the rental office for assistance. The phone is listed on the rental agreement. Make sure you have located it before leaving the collection office.
In the event of an accident, the customer must remain with the vehicle, and complete a police report at the time of the accident.
In the event of theft of the vehicle or vehicle equipment, customers must contact the rental office and report to the police.
In Cuba, there is little availability of materials and mechanical workshops capable of repairing vehicles efficiently in a short time. For this reason, even if the customer is very distant from the rental office, the company prefers to send its mechanics or, if necessary, to deliver a replacement vehicle. We are therefore kindly asking you to be patient about possible delays.

Contact the supplier

The contact information for the 24/7 roadside assistance can be found on the rental agreement.

Additional information and costs

Additional cleaning service
A surcharge of up to USD 50 will apply if the car returns excessively dirty and requires special cleaning

Delayed or reprotected flights

If due to a flight delay (or a flight diverted to another airport), the customer could not pick up the car (or the pick up takes place later than expected) and this entails additional costs or the loss of other services such as excursions, hotels, etc., the customer will have to claim the refund or compensation to the airline guilty of the delay.

Under no circumstances will the organization be responsible for the consequences caused by the flight delay or caused by a flight diverted to another airport

Animals in a rental car in Cuba

Animals are not allowed on the rented vehicle

What is not included in the cost of car rental in Cuba?

Extra costs such as fines, administrative fees of the fines, traffic congestion surcharges, and related fines. Supplements deriving from administrative management for damages. Supplements for loss of use and supplements for any other concept not included in the section of what it includes.
Please read the Terms and Conditions of the rented car carefully before signing the rental agreement.
It is important to emphasize that not all supplier insurances cover the following parts unless otherwise specified: damage to wheels, tires, hubcaps, locks, windows, rear and side mirrors, underbody, suspension, clutch damage, damage to the exterior paintwork. Any damage and loss not resulting from normal use.
In the event of an unwanted extra or extra service, you will need to request its removal before signing the contract.

Any extras and extra services accepted with the signing of the contract will be charged to the customer’s credit card.

Driver’s negligence

Driver negligence and intentional damage/loss are not covered by supplier insurance and involve additional costs and administrative costs if it is shown that the customer has acted in disagreement with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement:
Leave the rented vehicle at a supplier office, other than that agreed in the rental agreement.
Vehicle abandonment.
All costs deriving from incorrect and / or insufficient refueling of petrol.
The supplier cannot be held responsible for stolen, forgotten, or lost objects inside the vehicle. It is advisable to protect these items with personal travel insurance.
The loss/damage of the car documents and/or keys.
It is not allowed to remove the seats from the cars.
If it turns out that the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and / or using his or her mobile phone at the time of the accident.
Drive the vehicle when you are tired and in poor health to be able to drive.
Unauthorized use includes and is not limited to the following cases cited by way of example: pushing or towing another vehicle.
Driving in areas unsuitable for public transport, such as beaches, running tracks, forest roads, secondary roads, dirt roads, and dirt roads that could cause damage to the underside of the vehicle.
Driving the car in prohibited areas and in particular on airport roads and other aviation and/or military roads.
Negligent behavior when the car’s warning lights show a warning of which the customer is aware of the meaning when signing the contract.
Transport of goods or animals and, in particular, dangerous, flammable, and/or poisonous substances for the vehicle and its occupants.
The transportation of people or goods for which customers receive direct or indirect payment.
Use of the vehicle for illegal activities, reckless driving, sub-renting of the vehicle, driving lessons, or teaching of particular driving techniques.
Carriage of a number of passengers and baggage not authorized for the type of vehicle rented.
Handling of the speedometer. Customers should report any speedometer malfunction to the supplier immediately.
Transport of luggage or other objects on the roof of the car, even when an appropriate roof rack is used.
Damage to the vehicle caused by the abandonment of attractive objects insight inside the car.
Dirting the interior of the vehicle beyond what would be expected from reasonable and careful use.
Drive without complying with road regulations.
The vehicle is driven by an unauthorized person according to the agreements of the rental agreement, such as the customer and / or additional driver. Continue to use the car even at the end of the rental period

Modification of the general conditions

The terms and conditions contained in the voucher are subject to change at any time by the supplier.


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