Soroa and Las Terrazas

In the Pinar del Rio province, on the west coast of Cuba , not far from Havana there is the Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve

Inside of a mountain range the Sierra del Rosario offers some of Cuba’s most beautiful natural landscapes, with waterfalls and orchid gardens and is a perfect place for the birdwacthing in Cuba. In the middle of this extraordinary natural Park you will find the ecotourim resort called Las Terrazas and Soroa.

Historically, French Haitians colonized the area around Las Terrazas at the end of the 18th century with coffee plantations (some of the first in the New World) as their main agricultural activity. Unfortunately, they were unable to maintain large-scale operations and eventually began to cut trees for coal, leading to significant deforestation and destruction of the area’s slopes.

Part of a 5,000-hectare natural area an ongoing project aims to provide sustainable economic development based on the use of natural resources. The project dates back to 1968 when the Cuban government launched a massive reforestation project, which involved creating a village where around 1,200 people realized a largely autonomous community.

In Soroa, you can admire forests of palm trees and green hills, rivers, waterfalls, native flora and fauna, and orchid gardens.

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