Useful tips for getting around Cuba:

In Cuba driving is on the right-hand side and traffic rules are practically the same as in Western Europe and North America.
When you collect your vehicle, you will receive information about petrol stations. Fuel must be paid in local currency (USD). Sometimes it is possible to pay with a credit card but we always recommend having some cash to pay.
Fuel for camper: Diesel – cost about 1 USD per lt. Autonomy camper 750 / 800km.
GPS systems are not allowed in Cuba. However, GPS is allowed on your smartphone or tablet. We recommend downloading the maps offline before arriving in Cuba on
It is important to respect the signs u0022 tropes u0022, an obstacle on the road that forces you to slow down.
We recommend driving during the day, although the roads are signposted and illuminated, risks of accidents increase at night.
Travelers heading east of the country (Santiago de Cuba, Baracoa, Cayo Saetía, Guardalavaca) must take into account the fact that road conditions are significantly worst than those in western Cuba.
Drive carefully at all times, slowly if necessary. A certain mentality helps: consider driving in Cuba as an experience and not a way to go from point A to point B.
The average speed is around 80 kilometers per hour on the main roads, with a maximum of 100 kilometers per hour. On secondary roads, the speed decreases to 50 kmh.


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